TheĀ Digital Scholarship Center (DiSC) partners with students, faculty, and staff by providing research support to facilitate digital research and teaching across the university in all disciplines. Contact us at to discuss how we can help with your research.


  • Data discovery & acquisition
  • Text & numeric data
  • Data cleaning & management
  • Quantitative & qualitative analysis


  • Geographic information systems
  • Geospatial data
  • Mapping
  • Spatial analysis

Digital Humanities

  • Digital tools
  • Digital projects
  • Data visualization
  • Text mining & analysis

Software & Technology

  • GIS, statistical, qualitative, etc.
  • Collaborative workroom
  • Scanners for digital projects
  • Lab with Windows and Mac workstations

Research Data Management

  • Data management plans
  • Metadata creation
  • Long-term data preservation
  • Archive & share data in Mason’s Institutional Repositories