Virtual DiSC

Services Summary

Email HelpAvailableEmail
ConsultationsVirtual & In-personUse the Appointment Scheduler to self-schedule
WorkshopsVirtualSee the Workshop Schedule or request one for your small group.
Class InstructionVirtual*Contact Us with your needs. *In-person instruction is case-by-case.
Computer LabOpenSee below for access to the most popular software. Contact us for additional options.
Drop-In AssistanceVirtual & In-personIf you have an in-depth, specialized question. It's best to schedule an appointment.



DiSC has many online InfoGuides with information about the most common issues people encounter. These will continue to be available and updated.

To task general questions or get help making an appointment with the right person, you can join our Virtual Drop-In Room during selected hours during the Fall and Spring semesters. As always, you can get assistance with any of your data needs by emailing We typically reply within 1 business day.


DiSC consultants continue to be available for appointments, both in-person and virtually. The university has a subscription to Zoom which enables video chat and screensharing.

Computer Lab

See below for advice on access to the most popular software. We can also suggest alternative solutions using free and open software. If you need additional assistance, please contact

Access to Data

Almost all library resources, including data, are available from off campus. For subscription sources, be sure to use links to the databases through the library website such as Subject List or the A-Z List so that you will be asked to log in. Again, if you can’t find what you need, ask us.

Software Access

The university has a Virtual Computing Lab that provides access to some of the software through Microsoft’s Remote Desktop application (PC and Mac). With additional needs, it may not be as available as it has been. In addition, many have difficulty connecting to and using it. Those using Stata tend to be the most satisfied with it.

It may be best for students to install or have individual access to software. Here are some options for student access to the most popular software, as well as some alternatives that should be considered. The purchase column lists the lowest cost option.

Bold indicates temporary accommodations.

(how to)
Free TrialStudent PurchaseNotes
NVivoNo14 days2yr,  $64/$80Teachers can request additional trial codes for NVivo. Consider Atlas.ti Cloud, or MAXQDA for teaching.
ArcGISYesSee InstructionsConsider ArcGIS Online (FREE through Mason) or QGIS
SPSSYes14 days6mo, $35Consider the free, cross-platform softwares PSPP (intentionally like SPSS) or Jamovi
STATAYes7 days6mo, $48Instructors can request 7-day licenses for their students. Consider also Jamovi. Contact DiSC if these options do not meet your needs.
SASYesFree University EditionFree edition may not have advanced features
RYesFreeConsider also RStudio Cloud, currently free.