Software & Technology

The Digital Scholarship Center (DiSC), located in 2701 Fenwick Library, has workstations with supported software, expanded memory, and access to expert assistance.

The lab is open for walk-in use when staffed. Please consult our schedule for any last minute changes. Certain software may not be available during workshop times.

If interested in attending a workshop, register here by clicking on the calendar’s workshop entry.

Major Supported Software:

Geospatial: ArcGIS, Google Earth Pro, QGIS

Qualitative: NVivo, QDA Miner Suite, WordStat, SimStat

Statistical: SAS, SPSS, Stata, R, Excel

and More: Tableau, Qualtrics, RedCap, Gephi, Voyant, Omeka,

Various utilities for data cleaning and manipulation, and web-based digital tools (e.g., CARTO) and information about the Open Science Framework (OSF)

Click on the software name above for more detailed information on how to obtain a personal copy of selected software.

Get information about additional campus computing labs including the Virtual Computing Lab (VCL).