Research Data Management

Data management is the systematic organization and planning for data throughout the research cycle. It covers collecting and processing data, analyzing data and publishing research results as well as planning for long-term access.

Research Data Management
Access our research guide for information about and help with research data management advice and best practices.

Data Management Plans
DiSC provides consultations to George Mason faculty, staff and students with writing data management plans.

Metadata Creation
Document and describe your data through metadata and other documentation techniques.

Archive & Share Data in Mason’s Instiutional Repositories
The Mason Archival Repository Service (MARS) offers archiving and sharing options that include persistent URLs, DOIs, searchable metadata, full-text indexing, and long-term preservation. The digital repository services offered are a free, secure place to archive and share research output.

  • George Mason Institutional Dataverse is used for archiving numeric and geospatial data files.
  • MARS is a web-accessible and widely indexed DSpace repository hosted and managed by the University Libraries.


Margaret Lam, STEM Data Librarian
Wendy Mann, Director, Digital Scholarship Center