GeoData@Mason:  Accessing Geospatial Data and Maps, created by Joy Suh and Elaine Ding

Geodata@Mason, launched in 2021 by the University Libraries, allows users to search, preview and download geospatial data hosted by the Mason repository. It also provides access to various datasets hosted by other academic institutions (Harvard, Tufts, MIT, UC-Berkeley, MassGIS, etc.) that are in the Open GeoPortal (OGP) framework.

Access GeoData@Mason:

  1. Go to or click on “GeoData @Mason” on the Libraries’ A-Z Database list.
  2. In the search boxes (Where and What), enter your keywords (a search result for buildings in Fairfax is shown above).
  3. Use Advanced Search option to limit a search by institution name, data type, year, etc.
  4. Click “ User Guide” to see more instructions or for help on how to use this site.

If you have questions about using this site, contact the Digital Scholarship Center at