Citrix Virtual Lab (VCL)

What is the Virtual Computing Lab (VCL)?

The Citrix Virtual Lab (VCL) lets you access a Mason-owned computer with a specific software through any computer with an internet connection. Thus, you can use software without needing to purchase, install, or configure it.  You are not connecting to a specific computer, just a temporary virtual copy of a computer, called an image.  See more info  in the ITS Service Catalog

In this page:

Getting Help

Note: DiSC has NO control, special abilities, or special knowledge of the VCL.

Getting Access to the VCL:

Access the Mason Network

Log in to the Virtual Lab

If you will be using the VCL many times, you may wish to install the workspace app (Windows, Mac).

Connect to the Receiver

  • Press the Blue “Detect Receiver” button
  • If you do not have the Citrix Receiver Launcher, it will prompt you to install it

Open the Remote Computer

  • Click on the Desktop you want and click “Open”. For Stata, choose the one labeled with that.
  • A Windows Desktop Computer will appear in a new window

Using the Remote Desktop:

The special folders in the left pane, like Documents and Desktop, are on the Remote computer and will be deleted when your reservations ends. Choose one of the following to save files permanently.

Here are your options for saving and accessing files:

When you are done with your session, Log Out of the Remote Computer and it will close.